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    Efficient IT solutions are what we kraft with . We deliver results that are marinated with the time-tasted chutney of beautiful design and a dash of intelligence..

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About Us

an IT crafts and solutions start-up from Mumbai and we're here to ideate, deliver and actively participate in helping your business grow.

Wish to own an appealing website or a web-based application that makes your tasks easier and helps deliver your services better?

Need something that can help you successfully sell your products online or wish to redesign your existing website, bring more visitors to it and rejuvenate life into your business?

Looking for an IT partner that you can trust and rely on?

If it is a yes to any of the above questions, you have come to the right place!


The first KraftProject

KarateGirl.in was KraftPixel's first project. Bhavisha Singh, our youngest partner for whom this fundraising-styled website has been developed was not charged for any of the services provided by us.

We're the start-up with humble beginnings that started with and believe in giving back to the society. Every project that we are hired for also enables us to manage and do one such CSR project for someone who cannot afford proficient IT solutions every year.

Regarding the success of this project, six lakh rupees were successfully raised with the help of social media (TLI) and a lot of kind individuals! Bhavisha and her team flew to Germany on 1st November to represent India at the 22nd World Karate Championship. We cheered hard!

Launch project

How Can We Help You?

Graphic Designing

We build identities for businesses and empower their brand through logo, banner, poster, flyer designing and more! Our designs are ideated and delivered to connect to your customers!

Web Development

This is something that we love the most (after our partners)! Through web development, we provide the necessary means to initiate and/or rejuvenate growth into a business!

Internet Marketing

We do it in a way which is meant to work. Something apart from the fake "get rich quick" hype, lies, and nonsense. We take our partners revenue graphs upwards in creatively awesome ways!


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